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04 September 2011 @ 08:51 am
I ♥ GnuCash  
After spending about 20 minutes this morning shuttling money around, I decided to make a $20 donation to the GnuCash project. GnuCash is free software and is still definitely head and shoulders above any other financial software I've used. It's the only decent consumer-grade financial software package that enforces double-entry accounting practices, which makes me feel a lot better about things.

Dealing with the house means a lot of stuff flying around, cheques being written and borrowing money from relatives. This happening at the beginning of the month means I have bills and things to worry about on top of that. Plus since it's September I also have tuition to worry about. I have a system of 5 bank accounts which I shuttle money between according to how and when I need to spend it (some have higher interest rates but would take an extra few days to get access to). Canada has this Tax-Free Savings Account system which are wonderful for saving money in, but once you withdraw money you can't redeposit until the following year, so I can't treat them as totally liquid money (more like semipermeable membrane money, I guess).

Considering I can't anticipate when cheques are going to get cashed or how many days it's going to take for money to transfer, there's a lot that could go wrong in this scheme. My whole setup is focused around accounting for everything in GnuCash and I always have total confidence everything's going to work properly. I highly recommend it. It's more for people who like to be actively in charge of accounting for their money, I guess.

If you ask me, it puts the "accountability" into "accounting..ability".

They need to get some 3D charts going or something, though. Their charts look totally ghetto :(