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21 July 2012 @ 12:49 pm
zfs-fuse on IA64 Debian 6.0.5 (Squeeze)  
As the title suggests, I've built a .deb (and done some rudimentary testing) of zfs-fuse 0.6.9 on Itanium Debian 6.0.5.

The rationale for this was:
  1. I couldn't get FreeBSD to install on my zx6000, but Debian was no problem (I think this may be because Debian supports VGA console whereas FreeBSD doesn't, but I couldn't get serial working on my zx6000 either, so who knows).
  2. I tried ZFSonLinux (ZoL) but the splat module gave a segfault on modprobe.
  3. There is no IA64 binary package of zfs-fuse for squeeze (lame).
  4. The source package of zfs-fuse fails to build on IA64 due to #error "ISA not supported" (super lame).
The only thing I had to do was rewrite the src/lib/libsolcompat/include/sys/isa_defs.h to include reasonable IA64 settings. From there I could do an apt-get --compile source on the new source and get a .deb to dpkg -i. I've never really used much Debian and have no idea what I'm doing with package managers so I don't know if I should distribute the .deb or not, but if you Google and find this post and want to know how to get zfs-fuse on IA64 squeeze, let me know.

I haven't done too much testing of it so far. I built a toy raidz with dedup and created and destroyed a few files and did a scrub. I should do an import of an external pool to make sure it's not completely broken. I'm quite happy, though, as this means it may be possible after all to put a file server on my zx6000, if a very slow one.